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Poster: Hiphoprapu Date: Mar 26, 2021 12:48pm
Forum: software Subject: What should I do ?

Hello there.
I know lil bit what to do with it ( scan it and just add to the databases ) but I want to ask you what you doing in such situation
Is any best way to do it ?
Sent information to someone or to company ?

This is what is here already

This is the only one trace at internet I found

So in general question is - what to do when you find release that is not described yet ?
I`m really surprised that software which has ISBN 0-9636392-1-8 is not added to any library. More than that this is U.S Gold release so from company that is really well known

Thank you in advance

Ps. There is no scans yet because I dont have scanner at the moment and I dont have access to any
Ps2. At this moment I also found another release in UK which is different to what mobygames has right now This post was modified by Hiphoprapu on 2021-03-26 19:48:20